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Vishay 196 HVC Series of Hybrid Energy Storage Capacitors

Featuring high capacity and high energy density

Vishay's 196 HVC series of hybrid energy storage capacitors was created to give designers an energy storage solution that overcomes the limitations of rechargeable batteries on the one hand, and supercapacitors on the other. The 196 HVC devices, part of the ENYCAP™ family, feature low 2.5 mm profiles, low self-discharge, and industry-high energy density of 13 Ws//g. Offering designers exceptional flexibility and enhanced charge and discharge performance for energy harvesting and power line backup applications, the Vishay BCcomponents 196 HVC ENYCAP™ series is available with a wide variety of layouts, capacitance values, and voltage ratings.

Key Benefits

  • Polarized storage capacitor with high capacity and high energy density
  • Alternative product to rechargeable backup batteries
  • Soft and low transient voltage controlled charging characteristic
  • Low profile (2.5 mm) to fit portable and compact designs
  • Various layouts (flat, stacked, pins, tabs)
  • Very long self-discharge time (months)
  • Non-harzadous electrolyte
  • RoHS-compliant


  • Power backup for memory controller, flash backup, RAID system, SRAM, and DRAM
  • Power failure and write cache protection for enterprise SSD and HDD
  • Real-time clock power source
  • Burst power support for flashlights and wireless transmitters
  • Backup power for industrial PCs and industrial controls
  • Storage device for energy harvesting
  • Emergency light and micro UPS power source


Design Evaluation kit available on request (MAL219699001E3).