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SFA30 Formaldehyde Sensor Module

Formaldehyde Sensing Made Easy

The SFA30 is Sensirion’s new digital formaldehyde sensor designed for easy integration into air purifiers, demand-controlled ventilation systems, or indoor air quality monitors.

Based on Sensirion’s electrochemical technology, the SFA30 offers excellent formaldehyde sensing performance with a uniquely low cross-sensitivity to other VOCs. The sensor module’s on-board SHT sensor provides accurate humidity and temperature readings and enables a fully temperature/humidity compensated and factory calibrated formaldehyde concentration output in ppb. Selectable digital UART and I2C interface options, a standard electrical connector, and versatile mounting options make the integration easy. Relying on Sensirion’s experience in environmental sensing and a patented electrochemical cell with anti-dry technology, the SFA30 offers excellent long-term stability and 6 years service lifetime

SFA30 Sensor Features

  • Accuracy: ±20 ppb or ±20% of measured value, whichever is larger
  • Interface: I²C / UART
  • Supply voltage range: 3.3 V or 5.0 V
  • Current consumption: 1.0 mA (average)
  • Measurement range: 0 to 1,000 ppb
  • Sensor output: Formaldehyde concentration in ppb, RH, T
  • Response time: <2 min
  • Limit of detection: <20 ppb

SFA30 Sensor Applications

  • Air purifiers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors

SFA30 Sensor Specifications

Name Sensor Output Formaldehyde accuracy Supply Voltage Range Interface Size (LxWxH) mm
SFA30 Formaldehyde concentration in ppb, Relative humidity in %, Temperature in °C ±20 ppb or ±20% of measured value, whichever is larger 3.3 V or 5.0 V (3.15 V - 5.5 V) I²C / UART 46 x 24 x 5.5


SFA30 Sensor Technology and Benefits

Technology Benefits
Patented electrochemical cell with anti-dry technology Excellent long-term stability and 6 years service lifetime
Integrated SHT humidity and temperature sensor On-board RH and T compensation, additional RH and T output
Uniquely low cross sensitivity to other VOCs Reliable Formaldehyde measurements in real life conditions
Fully factory calibrated module Easy to use and life-time calibrated


Start Evaluating The SFA30 Today

The SEK-SFA30 evaluation kit has been designed for easy evaluation of Sensirion’s SFA30 formaldehyde sensor. In addition to the SFA30 sensor module, the SEK-SFA30 comes with a UART-USB cable for a plug-and-play connection to a PC and evaluation with Sensirion’s easy-to-use SEK-ControlCenter viewer software. For connecting the sensor to prototyping platforms such as Arduino or RaspberryPi, a 7-pin jumper wire cable is provided.

Sensirion — SEK-SFA30 Evaluation Kit