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Motor Control Z16FMC Series Development Kit

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Mfr. Name: Zilog
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Zilog Z16FMC28200KITG - Technical Attributes
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Application Type: Motor Control
Core Supported: Z16FMC
Features & Applications

The Zilog’s Z16FMC Series MCU, a part of the Flash Motor Control family of devices, is a powerful 16‐bit CISC microcontroller that outperforms most RISC microcontrollers in its class.

The Z16FMC boasts a unique architecture that provides the power, punch and performance of a 32‐bit micro with the code, current efficiency and cost of a 16‐bit. The Z16FMC features Zilog’s ZNEO® CPU, which boasts a highly‐optimized instruction set that achieves higher performance per clock cycle with less code space and lower overhead than competing architectures.

Optimized for motor control applications, these devices are designed for the control of multiphase AC and DC variable‐speed motors. Target applications are large appliances, HVAC and industrial.


  • 16‐bit optimized Single‐Cycle CISC core
  • Up to 128 KB of in‐circuit programmable Flash memory
  • Highly integrated Digital/Analog peripherals
  • Operational Amplifier
  • Analog Comparator
  • Internal Precision Oscillator
  • 4‐Channel DMA Controller
  • 12‐bit PWM module with three complementary pairs or six independent PWM outputs
  • Flexible communication interface including a 9‐bit UART with LIN & IrDA, I2C, ESPI
  • 12‐Channel, 10‐bit ADC with a 2.1μs conversion time
  • Any register‐to‐any register architecture
  • 20 MIPS throughput at 20 MHz
  • 8‐, 16‐, and 32‐bit ALU operations
  • 16‐bit bus widths
  • Built‐in 32 x 32 multiply operations (signed and unsigned)
  • Built‐in 64 by 32 divide (unsigned)
  • Compiler friendly instruction set


  • Large Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Indusrial
  • Power Tools
  • Automotive
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