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DG408 Series 20 V 8-Channel High-Performance CMOS Analog Multiplexer - SOIC-16

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Mfr. Name: Vishay
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Date Code: 2319
Product Specification Section
Vishay DG408DY-T1-E3 - Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Type: Multiplexer
Configuration: 1 x 8:1
No of Channels: 8
Supply Voltage: 5V to 20V
ON Resistance: 40Ω
Package Style:  SOIC-16
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

A multiplexer is an electronic device, which is capable of accepting more than one input signal simultaneously and chooses one (or more) of the input signals as an output signal in response to the state of one or more select input. Multiplexing enables a number of individual items of information to be transmitted along the same transmission channel.

Multiplexers are used in building digital semiconductors such as CPUs and graphics controllers. They are also used in communications

The DG408 is an 8-channel single-ended analog multiplexer

designed to connect one of eight inputs to a common output

as determined by a 3-bit binary address (A0, A1, A2). The

Break-before-make switching action protects against momentary crosstalk between adjacent channels.

The DG408DY-T1-E3 (T/R) is an 8-channel single-ended analog multiplexer in a 16 Pin SOIC package.. It feautures a Fast Transition Time of 160 ns and a 44 V Supply Max Rating.  One of its main benefits is that it has a reduced power consumption.

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