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TC54 Series 2.1 V Threshold 10 V Supply CMOS Voltage Detector - SOT-23A-3

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Mfr. Name: Microchip
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Date Code: 2213
Product Specification Section
Microchip TC54VN2102ECB713 - Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Output Type: Voltage
Threshold Voltage: 2.1V
Supply Voltage-Max: 10V
Tolerance (%): ±2%
Output Current-Max: 50mA
No of Inputs: 1
Supply Voltage: 0.7V to 10V
Power Dissipation: 240mW
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range: -65°C to +150°C
No of Terminals: 3
Dimension: 3.1 x 1.8 x 1.3 mm
Package Style:  SOT-23 (SC-59,TO-236)
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
$Features & Applications

The voltage supervisors extensive family of parts includes voltage supply monitors, trackers, margining controllers, sequencers, push button controllers,  and the new power monitors.  All of these devices improve DC/DC converter functionality and feature a high degree of accuracy, integration and configurability, resulting in more cost efficient designs that would otherwise be burdened with multiple complicated components when designed the "traditional way".  This family strives to provide convenient all-in-one solutions for many of today's growing number of digital power management applications.
The TC54 series are CMOS voltage detectors that are especially well suited for battery-powered applications because of their extremely low 1 μA operating current and small surface-mount packaging. Each part is lasertrimmed to the desired threshold voltage, which can be specified from 1.4V to 6.0V with a 2% tolerance.

The TC54 is available with either an open-drain or complementary output stage. During operation, the TC54's output (VOUT) remains in the logic-high state as long as VIN is greater than the specified threshold voltage (VDET –). When VIN falls below VDET –, the output is driven to a logic-low. VOUT remains low until VIN rises above VDET – by an amount VHYST, whereupon it resets to a logic-high.

The Microchip TC54VN2102ECB713 is a 2.1 Volt Voltage Detector. It comes in SOT-23, 3000 piece Tape and Reel Package.

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