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Company Commitment

The Future Electronics Management Systems ensure that we are consistent in maintaining the highest standards as they relate to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, and broader Corporate Social Responsibility issues.

Future Electronics Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, and Operating Principles are understood, implemented and maintained throughout the entire organization. These policies and principles are communicated to all employees in order to:

  1. Create and sustain shared values of fairness and ethical behavior
  2. Establish a culture of trust and integrity
  3. Encourage commitment to protect the environment
  4. Provide resources, training and authority to act with accountability
  5. Inspire, encourage, and recognize each employee’s contribution to the company.


Management Accountability and Responsibility

Future Electronics Management provides leadership and governance for all activities. This includes defining the strategic direction for the Company, responsibility and authority, and communication to assure safe, efficient and effective performance. Management reviews the status of the management systems on a regular basis.

Legal and Customer Requirements

Future Electronics reviews legal and other requirements. Significant environmental aspects and regulatory requirements are defined in the Aspects and Impacts Matrix and the Legal and Other Requirements Matrix. Legal and Other Requirements listed in the matrix are evaluated for compliance on a periodic basis.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Managing and controlling risk is key to any successful business. Future Electronics strives to manage and control risks and opportunities to maximize our positive environmental, ethical, social and economic impact. Risks and opportunities are reviewed to assure continued relevancy and to drive continual improvement.

Improvements Objectives

Future Electronics actively engages in planning which includes continual improvement that supports the business strategy. Objectives and targets at relevant functions are implemented to assure efficient and effective operations supporting social, environmental, and health and safety performance, and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Future Electronics actively encourages its employees to further their knowledge and skills in areas related to their work. A comprehensive training program has been developed to ensure all employees are aware of the policies, procedures, and principles that support Future’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.


Future Electronics maintains open lines of communication and communicates clear and accurate information about policies, practices, expectations, and performance to Customers, Suppliers, Employees, and other interested parties. Comprehensive internet and intranet sites facilitate sharing of information.

Worker Feedback, Participation and Grievance

Future Electronics maintains ongoing processes, including an effective grievance mechanism, to assess employees’ understanding of and obtain feedback on or violations against practices and conditions covered by this Manual and to foster continuous improvement. Employees are provided with a safe environment to share grievances and feedback without fear of reprisal or retaliation.

Audits and Assessments

Internal audits are an integral part of our Quality, Environmental, and Corporate Social Responsibility Management Systems. In order to assess the effectiveness of our systems, internal CSR audits are performed on a periodic basis.

Corrective Action Process

Essential to any successful assessment is a way to correct any issues detected. The internal audit program allows for timely corrective and preventive action when needed.

Documentation and Records

Documents and records that are needed to ensure the effective planning, operation and control of processes required for CSR are maintained. Procedures are in place to assure confidentiality where required.

Supplier Responsibility

Future Electronics has developed policies and procedures which support the Reliable Business Alliance Code of Conduct, and we encourage our suppliers to review the RBA guidelines, consider their value to their businesses, and communicate their importance to their employees.