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CUI Inc PSK-20D-T Series AC-DC Power Supplies

Compact design compatible for many designs

The CUI Inc PSK-20D-T series is a family of encapsulated ac-dc power supplies housed in a compact chassis mount package designed for easy installation. Outputting 20 W of continuous power, these single output, encapsulated modules feature a wide 85 ~ 305 Vac input voltage range, and a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85°C, making them ideal for industrial control and automation applications where the convenience of chassis mounting is required.


  • Wide input range (85 ~ 305 Vac)
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40 to +85 C)
  • Class B emissions
  • Certified to 62368, 61558, and 60335 safety standards


  • Designed to meet 60601 medical safety standard (2xMOPP)
  • Over voltage, over current, short circuit protections
  • Input over voltage category III for fixed installations

CUI Inc offers a variety of robust power supplies designed for use in OVC III applications, including EV charging stations, industrial equipment, home appliances, and IoT applications.

In addition to their increased surge resilience, these power supplies have a wide input range (up to 305 Vac) and are designed to meet the safety requirements of IEC/EN 62368, 61558 and 60335. To further increase safety and reliability in critical applications, CUI’s OVC III rated power supplies come equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage, and overtemperature protections, making them a safe and reliable solution to a range of applications. The PSK-10D-T can be used in OVC III applications.