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Infineon — Automotive Low-Voltage Motor Control Solutions




The most comprehensive step-by-step automotive motor control design resource

The rising need for safety features and convenience can be attributed to the ever-growing demand for automotive motors globally.

Infineon's Low-voltage motor control solutions complete eBook covers all the ins and outs of your electrical motor needs, so that you can spend less time focusing on upcoming legislations, CO2 regulations, the newest high-tech innovations and more. Rather, you can hit the market faster.

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  • An extended portfolio of MOTIX™ semiconductors required for smart and modern low-voltage motor control solutions, structured in four integration levels of hardware

  • Complementary products such as OPTIREG™ Power Supplies IC, MOSFETs, microcontrollers (AURIX™ and TRAVEO™ II) and XENSIV™ sensors

  • Information about design-in support, reference designs for fast prototyping and Infineon's new MOTIX™ software offering

Infineon — Automotive Low-Voltage Motor Control Solutions



More Information: The Next Generation of Motor Control, Led by Infineon


The BTN9990LV is part of the NovalithIC™+ family containing one p-channel highside MOSFET and one n-channel lowside MOSFET with an integrated driver IC all in one package. It provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption.

Motor System IC

Infineon’s extensive portfolio of Motor Control ICs offers solutions for different integration levels to keep up with the push towards higher energy efficiency and the need to integrate more rapidly.


An easy-to-use protected half-bridge consisting of an integrated driver IC and two MOSFETs. This device is also integrated in SMART7 technology.


The motor control shield with BTN7030-1EPA is designed to drive DC motors in combination with an Arduino compatible baseboard.

Embedded Power – TLE9845QX

A completeSystem on Chip (SOC) that provides the capability to drive a power PN MOSFET Half-Bridge. It reduces the number of external components and thus reduces BOM cost.

Multi MOSFET Driver – TLE92104

The TLE92104-131 is a Multi-MOSFET driver IC dedicated to control up to eight N-channel MOSFETs. It includes four half-bridges for DC motor control applications such as automotive power seat control or other applications.

Multi Half-Bridges – IAUC60N04S6xxxx

A new integrated half-bridge perfectly suitable for single loads thanks to its SSO8 5x6 mm2 package which significantly reduces the PCB area and provides enhanced routing for bridge applications.

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