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Connected Lighting Platform:
Connectivity, Power & Control for LED Systems

Explore onsemi's latest Connected Lighting solutions below:


onsemi NCL31000

NCL31000: Intelligent LED Driver, YellowDot™ Compliant, with Precision Dimming, Diagnostics and Power Metrology

The NCL31000 is an intelligent LED driver targeting luminaire applications. The NCL31000 incorporates a high efficiency buck LED driver that supports both high-bandwidth analog and PWM dimming down to zero current. Two auxiliary DC-DC converters are included to power a microcontroller and other sensors. Diagnostics are included to measure input and output current and voltage, LED temperature and DC-DC voltages. The device is ideal for YellowDot™ LED drivers.

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ON Semiconductor LIGHTING-1-GEVK

LIGHTING-1-GEVK: Connected Lighting Platform for LED Control

The Connected Lighting Platform is a modular development kit for prototyping cost-effective, industrial LED lighting solutions. The platform is extremely energy efficient and features wireless control (on/off, dimming, etc.) and two independently controlled LED channels that provide a maximum brightness of 7000 lumens.

The base platform comprises of four components:

  • An LED module, supporting 2 strings (warm white and cool white) of 16 LEDs
  • A Bluetooth(R) Low Energy connectivity board featuring RSL10 SIP
  • An AC/DC power board (Vin AC: 90 - 270V, Vout DC: 55V, Pout electrical: 70W, Power Factor > 0.99 at full load)
  • An LED driver board featuring FL7760 (Dimming down to 0.6%, Telemetry data, 12-bit PWM)

The platform provides several LED control functionalities using the RSL10 Sense and Control mobile app (IoS, Google Play) or web client. The platform is supported by a comprehensive development environment, including a CMSIS-Pack featuring customizable firmware, Free RTOS, and various use cases.

The PoE Power Module is available separately for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity up to 90 Watts.

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LIGHTING-POWER-POE-GEVB: Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Power Module (90 Watts), Connected Lighting Platform

The Power Over Ethernet (PoE) module adds reliable, high-power PoE connectivity to the Connected Lighting Platform. Featuring the IEEE 802.3bt compliant NCP1096 Interface Controller, the module supports up to 90 Watts of power.

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onsemi NCP1095/NCP1096

NCP1095/NCP1096: Integrated PoE-PD Interface Controller with Integrated Hot Swap FET, IEEE 802.3bt, 90W

Part of onsemi's family of IEEE802.3bt, IEEE 802.3af, and/or IEEE 802.3at compliant solutions Power over Ethernet Powered Devices (PoE-PD), the NCP1096 supports the development of high power applications including connected lighting and USB Type C. The NCP1096 incorporates all necessary functions within a PoE system such as detection, classification and current limiting during the inrush phase.

Using an internal hot-swap FET, the NCP1096 provides an output power of up to 90 Watts. For improved energy efficiency, the NCP1096 offers Autoclass support which optimizes power allocation based on the PD type and classification.

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onsemi RSL10 SiP

RSL10 SiP: System-in-Package, Bluetooth® 5 Certified, SDK 3.5

The RSL10 SIP offers the easiest way to bring the industry's lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy MCU to wireless applications.

Bluetooth 5 certified, and fully certified to worldwide wireless standards, the RSL10 SIP significantly reduces time to market by removing the need for any additional antenna design considerations.

The ready-to-use RSL10 SIP features an integrated antenna, RSL10 Radio SoC , and all passive components in a single, miniature package.

RSL10 SIP Enables Smart Healthcare Beacons. Learn more about it through the Intelligent Locations Case Study.

The RSL10 Software Development Kit (SDK) enables rapid development of ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy applications by leveraging convenient abstraction, drivers and sample applications from Blinky to complete BLE peripherals, and everything in between.

SDK key features:

  • Free Eclipse®-based onsemi IDE plus support for Keil μVision® and IAR Embedded Work Bench®
  • Complete Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack
  • Bluetooth Low Energy mesh networking with iOS® app
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) with Android™ and iOS apps
  • FreeRTOS™

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onsemi FL7760

FL7760: Analog/PWM Dimmable 70 V Input Buck Controller for LED Lighting

The FL7760 is a high efficiency step-down controller for middle to high power lighting applications that operate in CCM (Continuous Current Mode). The FL7760 can operate in wide 8 ~ 70 V input range and support both PWM and analog dimming through DIM pin with small 6 pin package.

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About the onsemi Connected Lighting Platform

It is a modular kit which supports the development of a highly efficient LED power, control and dimming circuit. The platform supports wired and wireless connections to the application via an Ethernet or Bluetooth® Low Energy network.

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NCL31000 Smart LED Driver and Visible Light Communication