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Future Electronics


Goldilocks Demonstration Platform  

A Collaboration Between Future Electronics and NXP

Goldilocks platform is a multi-sensor & Hub system designed by Future Electronics Engineering Centers of Excellence. It consists of a Main Hub Board (Mama Bear), a wearable Sensor Node (Baby Bear) and an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) add-on Card (Honey Pot) board.

Mama Bear is a Linux System-On-Module powered by NXP’s i.MX8M Plus Application Processor, u-blox’s MAYA-W276 Tri-Radio WiFi + Bluetooth 5.2 + 802.15.4 radio based on NXP’s IW612, NXP SE051 EdgeLock® secure element, high performance DDR4 RAM, and eMMC storage. The Mama Bear also provides audio input/output, USB, MIPI Camera / Display and HDMI.

The Baby Bear sensor board is based on Murata’s Type 2DK module with built-in NXP’s UWB SR040 and BLE QN9090 chip set. On board NXP SE050 EdgeLock® secure element and sensors include Melexis’ IR temperature sensor, Bosch’s Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Sensirion’s humidity & temperature sensor and TVOC sensor. Using BLE and UWB, Baby Bear can communicate with Mama Bear to transmit sensors’ values and position information.

Honey Pot is the last piece of the integrated system. It includes Murata’s Type 2BP UWB module, using NXP’s SR150 chip set, to communicate with the Baby Bear, and three CUI’s MEMS Microphone for audio and video applications.

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Mama Bear Features

  • Processing
    • i.MX8M Plus
      • 4x Cortex-A53 1.8 GHz
      • Cortex-M7 800 MHz
    • PMIC
    • DDR4 2GB
    • eMMC 64GB
    • SD card
    • Secure IC
  • Interfaces:
    • Camera input (MIPI)
    • HDMI and LCD output (MIPI)
    • Audio input /output
    • Standard Raspberry Pi 40 pin I/O Header 
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5.2, 802.15.4 (Matter)
    • USB 2.0, 3.0 (Type C)
  • Compact form factor - Raspberry Pi Model B/B+ (Equivalent)

Baby Bear Features

  • Processing
    • ARM Cortex®-M4
    • Low Power (Battery powered)
    • Secure IC
  • Interface and Connectivity:
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
    • UWB
  • Multi-sensing Platform:
    • IR temperature sensor
    • IMU (Accelerometer & gyro)
    • TVOC air quality sensor
    • Humidity and Temperature sensor
    • Position / Location

Honey Pot Features

  • Interfaces:
    • 3 MEMS Microphone for beam forming
  • Connectivity:
    • UWB Module
    • PCB Antennas