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Infineon MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 Three-Phase Smart Gate Drive Controller IC

For battery supplied BLDC motor control. Single shunt evaluation board also available

The Infineon MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 is the latest 3-phase motor control gate driver IC that enables development of high performance battery operated products using BLDC or PMSM motors.

With over 50 programmable parameters using built-in digital SPI interface, the MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 is fully configurable to drive a wide range of MOSFET’s to yield the best possible system efficiency.

The MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 is also designed for maximum flexibility

With an operating voltage from 5.5-60 V and configurable gate drive sink and source current up to 1.5 A, the MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 has the ability to drive a wide range of MOSFETs effectively to best fit the application. It has adjustable gate driver supply voltage setting between 7 V, 10 V, 12 V and 15V even at low battery voltage thanks to built-in dual charge pumps.

The Infineon MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 also has adjustable gate driver parameters to enable control of the slew rate to minimize system EMI. All of the MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 settings can be quickly changed with the available easy-to-use GUI. The integrated buck regulator requires only an external capacitor and inductor to provide power for both the microcontroller and the Hall sensors in the motor, further reducing peripheral components and required PCB area.

In addition, with a full suite of system protection features such as OCP, UVLO, over-temperature, and locked rotor detection, this dedicated motor controller will increase reliability and robustness in severe operating fault conditions.

Key Features

  • Integrated power supplies
  • Adjustable gate drive parameters to optimized slew rate and EMI
  • 3x current shunt amplifier
  • Complete dedicated motor control protection suite

Ideal Applications

  • Cordless power tools
  • Cordless gardening tools
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • eBikes
  • Drones
  • Robotics


  • Reduced external components and PCB area
  • Optimized efficiency and EMI
  • Maximum flexibility to use different inverter FET’s
  • Highly accurate current sense while saving external components
  • Higher dynamic range to increase signal resolution
  • Improve reliability and fault detection


6EDL7141 Simplified System Block Diagram

Infineon — 6EDL7141 Simplified System Block Diagram



Parametrics 6EDL7141
Channels 6
Configuration Three Phase
Isolation Type Level shift
Operating Voltage min max 5.5 V 60 V
Output Current (Source) 1.5 A
Turn Off Propagation Delay 650.0 ns
Qualification Industrial
Technology MOTIX™ SBC
Temperature - 40°C - 125°C


EVAL_6EDL7141_TRAP_1SH Reference Design/Evaluation Board

The EVAL_6EDL7141_TRAP_1SH features fully configurable operating parameters with on-board debugger ready for direct USB connection to PC. The BLDC motor drive board uses trapezoidal commutation based on the MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 smart three-phase driver.

The evaluation board operates independently or via Infineon motor control GUI.

Infineon — EVAL_6EDL7141_TRAP_1SH Reference Design/Evaluation Board

Key Features:

  • BLDC motor drive board using trapezoidal/block commutation
  • Integrated and configurable on-board power supplies and gate drive outputs
  • Configurable protection modes. Built-in debugger, direct conenction to USB
  • Operates independently or with GUI