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Infineon Technologies OptiMOS™ 6 Power MOSFETs

Featuring an optimized layout and higher current ratings

The Infineon OptiMOS™ 6 Power MOSFETs are a newly-introduced half-bridge solution optimized for cost efficiency and space saving with a compact 5mm x 6mm2 SSO8 leadless package.

With the highest level of quality and durability for automotive applications, these 40V automotive MOSFETs provide enhanced routing for motor drive and body applications, while reducing space.

The new integrated half-bridge HB SSO8 MOSFETs enable 3x higher current ratings; HB SS08 (Id = 60 A) vs. dual SS08 (Id = 20 A), and the latest OptiMOS™ 6 technology which enables optimized switching and power losses. The product family is a cost effective mid-power drive solution with an enhanced layout for H-bridge and 3-phase applications.

This Infineon MOSFET portfolio consists of 6 highly-integrated options with a wide RDS(ON) range from 3.0 mΩ to 7.0 mΩ and increased datasheet current rating of 60A.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized layout for H-bridge and 3ph app.
  • HB SS08 3x higher current ratings (HB SS08 Id = 60 A vs. dual SS08 Id = 20 A)
  • Optimized RDS(on) for low conduction losses enabling high efficiency
  • Lower gate charge and Qrr for reduced switching losses
  • Small footprint – 5 x 6 mm² SSO8 leadless package
  • Extended ATV qualification (beyond AEC-Q101)

Key Applications

  • Body: power seats, window-lift, wiper, HVAC, etc
  • Chassis: electric parking break
  • Power train: water pump, fuel pump, oil pump