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onsemi NCD83591 Gate Driver

Versatility and range for industrial and commercial applications

The onsemi NCD83591 is a 60V multi-purpose 3-phase gate driver that’s an ideal option for trapezoidal motor control applications thanks to its high gain-bandwidth current sense amplifier. This device comes with a configurable constant gate drive source current ranging from 5 to 250mA on the high side which offers a 2x proportional sink current on the low side. On its High Side Gate drive, this device features an embedded charge pump allowing dc static drive and can tolerate -12V DC.

The NCD83591 by onsemi is ideal for BOM cost optimization. Regardless of its powerful, high level integration, the gate driver is packaged in a very small footprint QFN28 of only 4x4. These features have made this device a popular choice for end product projects from power tools to E-Scooters and unmanned vehicles.

  • 60V 3-Phase Gate Driver with an absMax of 70V
  • Embedded current sense amplifier; externally configurable with 10MHz GBW
  • Integrated Charge Pump for high side gate drive
  • Externally configurable 5 to 250mA constant current drive of Power FET
  • Power Equipment
  • Building and Industrial Automation
  • Mobility
  • Robotics

NCD83591 Typical Application Diagram

onsemi — NCD83591 Typical Application Diagram