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Samsung Electro-Mechanics


Samsung Electro-Mechanics MLCC

The key to designs that enable stable operations of the vehicle’s electronics control system

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is a global leader in automotive passive components thanks to their higher reliability, superior performance, and wider range of products.

The Samsung Electro-Mechanics MLCC portfolio covers a broad spectrum of applications with everything from safety to infotainment. The brand’s seal ensures exceptional electrical qualities and high credibility. Samsung Electro-Mechanics innovation implements a soft termination technology with a special design to absorb and endure physical stress, preventing possibilities of short circuits.

Key Applications of Samsung Electro-Mechanics MLCC

  • xEV
  • ADAS & Safety
  • Body & Chassis
  • Infotainment & Comfort


  • Improved Reliability due to Soft Termination Technology
  • Robust Design to Prevent Short Circuits
  • Excellent Electric Characteristics with High Effective Capacitance