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STMicroelectronics VL53L8CX Multizone Time-of-Flight (ToF) Ranging Sensor

Detect and track multiple targets within the FoV

The VL53L8CX is an 8x8 multizone, ToF ranging sensor, which enhances performance under ambient light with a reduced power consumption. Based on STMicroelectronics FlightSense technology, the sensor is designed to provide accurate ranging up to 400 cm with a 65° diagonal FoV.

The VL53L8CX integrates a powerful new generation VCSEL, and two advanced meta-surface lenses. The hardware is housed in an innovative "all in one" module. This enables a wider variety of high-performance use-cases, such as low-power system activation, gesture recognition, SLAM for robotics, liquid level monitoring, and many more.

Thanks to STMicroelectronics' patented algorithms, the VL53L8CX can detect and track multiple targets within the FoV with a 64-zone depth measurement. The STMicroelectronics' histograms ensure that the cover glass crosstalk immunity is above 60 cm. Like all ToF sensors based on STMicroelectronics' FlightSense technology, the VL53L8CX measures an absolute distance regardless of the target color and reflectance.

  • New generation, multizone ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor with low-power and enhanced distance ranging performance
    • Multizone distance measurement capability with either 4x4 or 8x8 separate zones
    • Autonomous low-power mode with interrupt programmable threshold to wake up the host
    • Ranging up to 400 cm, with enhanced performance under ambient light
    • Multitarget detection and distance measurement in each zone
    • Histogram processing and algorithmic compensation to minimize or remove the impact of cover glass crosstalk
    • Motion indicator for each zone to show if targets have moved and how they have moved
    • Frame rate capability of 60 Hz
  • Fully integrated miniature module with wide FoV (field of view)
    • New generation, high-power emitter: 940 nm invisible light VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) and integrated analog driver
    • 65° diagonal square FoV using DOEs (diffractive optical elements) on both transmitter and receiver
    • Receiving array of SPADS (single photon avalanche diodes)
    • Low-power microcontroller running firmware
    • Size: 6.4 x 3.0 x 1.75 mm
  • Easy integration
    • Single reflowable component
    • 1.8 V core supply and 3.3 V AVDD supply required
    • Optional 1.2 V or 1.8 V IOVDD interface voltage levels
    • I²C (up to 1 MHz) or SPI (up to 20 MHz) interface
    • Compatible with wide range of cover glass materials
    • Can be hidden behind a dark cover glass