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Robust Bridge Driver Provides Integrated Solution for Three-Phase Inverters in Automotive Applications

Infineon’s TLE9180D-21QK and TLE9180D-31QK are advanced gate driver ICs which can control six external N-channel MOSFETs to form an inverter for high-current three-phase motor drives.

The TLE9180 bridge driver is suitable for use in automotive applications, including those which have to comply with the specifications of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard.

Based on sophisticated high-voltage technology, the TLE9180D ICs can operate equally well in applications powered by single or mixed battery systems at a voltage of 12V, 24V or 48V. Bridge-, motor- and supply-related pins can withstand voltages of up to 90V, and motor-related pins can even withstand negative voltage transients down to -15V without damage.

The TLE9180D devices can drive any MOSFET, including those with the lowest on-resistance ratings. The output-driver stage is capable of driving six MOSFETs each with a maximum total gate charge of 300nC at a frequency of up to 20kHz.


Infineon — TLE9180D Series Advanced Gate Driver ICs


These bridge drivers are particularly well suited to use in motor systems because of their integrated current-sense amplifiers: two in the TLE9180D-21QK and three in the TLE9180D-31QK. These amplifiers implement signal conditioning for the shunt-based circuit which measures the motor current. A host microcontroller can calibrate the voltage gain and zero-current offset parameters via the device’s serial peripheral interface bus.

To support compliance with ISO 26262, the TLE9180D includes various diagnostic features, such as monitoring of power-supply voltages. The gate driver also integrates the ability to test safety-relevant supervisory functions and detect any failures. Behavior in failure mode, threshold voltages and filter times are configurable via the SPI bus.

  • Supply-voltage range: 6.0V-60V
  • 2A output gate current per channel
  • Smooth operation over 0% to 100% duty-cycle range
  • 35ns turn-on propagation delay
  • 35ns turn-off propagation delay
  • LQFP-64 package with exposed pad
  • 48V motor drives
  • Engine cooling fans
  • Pumps
  • HVAC compressors
  • Commercial and agricultural vehicles


Infineon TLE9180D-31QK


Evaluation Board

The EVAL_TLE9180D-31QK evaluation system consists of a main board featuring the TLE9180D-31QK three-phase gate driver IC, MOSFET power stage and auxiliary components; a pre-flashed microcontroller board providing a communications link between the driver IC and the user’s PC; a USB cable; and a graphical user interface for PCs based on the Windows® operating system. Its operating-voltage range is from 9V to 48V DC.


Infineon EVALTLE9180D31QKTOBO1