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Future Electronics

Future Electronics – Faraday Development Board

Faraday Current Sense and Measurement Solution designed by our very own System Design Center!

Faraday is a simple platform designed by Future Electronics System Design Center to demonstrate current sensing designs. It implements four channels with current sensors controlled by two Infineon PSoC 4 (CY8C4245) microcontrollers to measure voltage, current and power.

Channel 1 and 2 are isolated channels implemented with two Melexis integrated magnetic current sensors (MLX91220) controlled by Infineon PSoC 4 (CY8C4245) (marked as PSoC-A on block diagram) to measure DC current up to 25A / 60V via terminal block connections.

Channel 3 is designed for current measurement up to 5A / 20V via an USB Type C port connection, using Vishay current sense resistor (WSL series) combined with Diodes Inc. current monitor (ZXCT1086) and Infineon PSoC 4 (CY8C4245) microcontroller (PSoC-B on block diagram).

Channel 4 can measure up to 300mA / 5V via a USB Type A port connection using the same PSoC-B microcontroller as channel 3.

The PSoC-A is also controlling the communication to PC through USB/UART bridge (CY7C65213). And the PSoC-B controls user interface with capacitive touch keypad user buttons and the WiseChip OLED display to show current, voltage and power measurement results.

System Block Diagram

Faraday - System Block Diagram


  • Programmable System-On-Chip
  • Interface and Connectivity:
    • OLED Display
    • Capacitive Touch Keypad Control
    • USB Micro-B


  • Multi-channel Current Sensing platform:
    • Two channels current sensing up to 25A / 60V via terminal block
    • One channel current sensing up to 5A / 20V via USB Type C receptacle
    • One Channel current sensing up to 300mA / 5V via USB Type A receptacle


  • Motor drive and control
  • Robotic
  • Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Server / Data Center
  • Electric vehicle

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