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Infineon BGT60ATR24C Automotive Radar Sensor

XENSIV™ 60GHz radar sensor for automotive sensing

The Infineon BGT60ATR24C is an automotive 60 GHz radar sensor that enables ultra-wide bandwidth FMCW operation in a small package. Sensor configuration and data acquisition are enabled with a digital interface and the integrated state machine enables independent data acquisition with power mode optimization for lowest power consumption.

The core functionality of BGT60ATR24C by Infineon is to transmit frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) signal via one of the two transmitter channel (TX) and receive the echo signals from the target object on the four receiving channels (RX). Each receiver path includes a baseband filtering, a VGA, as well as an ADC.

The digitized output is stored in a FIFO. The data are transferred to an external host, microcontroller unit (MCU) or application processor (AP), to run radar signal processing.


  • Integrated LDOs from 1.8 V to 1.5 V to supply the digital domain
  • RF-Frontend at 60 GHz covering frequencies from 58.0 to 62.0 GHz with two TX and four RX channels
  • Baseband chain consisting of high pass filter, low noise voltage gain amplifier (VGA), and antialiasing filters
  • Four ADC channels with 12 bits resolution and up to 4 MSps sampling rate to sample the RX-IF channels
  • Integrated RF-PLL, timers, counters, and FSM to run set of frames in standalone mode (no communication with AP required except first trigger and raw data transfer)
  • Full duplex FIFO structure as data buffer (196 kbit = 8192 words x 24 bits)
  • Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) test pattern generator on chip for data transfer check
  • 8 to 10 bits sensor ADC for power and temperature measurement
  • Standard SPI mode for configuration and status register read accesses
  • Dedicated power modes for power reduction
  • An external 80 MHz reference oscillator is used as a system clock source
  • BITE (Built in test equipment) for EOL test in production at Infineon to verify RF performance
  • ChipID block provides info regarding the digital code version, the RF block version, and the RF configuration
  • Fabricated with BiCMOS Infineon process technology
  • Housed in a eWLB package
  • AEC-Q100/101 qualified

Benefits / Competitive advantage

  • Low power consumption
  • Accurate and robust performance
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Size and space optimized solution

Potential Applications

  • Radar frontend for gesture sensing
  • High resolution FMCW radars
  • Short range sensing operations
  • Hidden sensing applications behind radome

BGT60ATR24C Bare Die Block Diagram

Infineon — BGT60ATR24C Bare Die Block Diagram

Power Modes

Infineon — BGT60ATR24C Power Mode Flow Chart


Parametrics BGT60ATR24C
Antenna External
Family Radar sensors
Frequency min max 58 GHz 62 GHz
Number of Rx Antennas 4
Number of Tx Antennas 2
Qualification Automotive
Supply Voltage 1.8 V


SHIELD_60ATR24ES_01: Demo Board for BGT60ATR24C

This demo board features Infineon’s 60GHz XENSIV™ radar sensor BGT60ATR24C with an L-shaped antenna for best possible coverage inside a car’s cabin. This demo board enables prototyping for various use cases, not only in Automotive but also in consumer applications such as Vital sensing, Gesture sensing and Child presence detection etc.

Top Side

Infineon — BGT60ATR24C Shield Top Side

Bottom Side

Infineon — BGT60ATR24C Shield Bottom Side
Application Notes: BGT60ATR24C Shield – ES based

Key Features

  • 60 GHz radar sensor for FMCW operation
  • 4 GHz bandwidth
  • 2 TX / 4 RX channels (in L-shaped configuration)
  • Digital interface for chip configuration and radar data acquisition
  • Optimized power modes for low-power operation
  • Integrated state machine for independent operation