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Microchip PAC195x Single-Multi-Channel Power Monitor

With Accumulator, 32V Full-Scale Range

Microchip PAC195X is a series of energy monitors – one, two, three and four-channel with bus voltage monitors and current sense amplifiers – that feed high-resolution ADCs.

There are two versions of the PAC195X family: PAC195X-1 devices are for high-side current sensing and PAC195X-2 devices are for low-side current sensing. PAC195X devices have a set of digital comparators that allow the user to detect over/under voltage, over/under current and overpower against user-programmed limits for each channel and generate an alert when the threshold is exceeded.


  • High-side/low-side current monitor with one, two, three or four channels:
    • 100 mV Full-Scale Range (FSR) for current sense voltage, 16-bit resolution
    • Programmable FSR: −50 mv to +50 mv
    • External sense resistor sets the full-scale current range
    • Very-low input current simplifies routing
  • Voltage monitor with wide Vbus range
    • 0V to 32V FSR
    • 16V programmable Vbus option
    • 16-bit resolution for voltage measurements
  • Vsource can be applied before Vdd is applied
  • Real-time auto-calibration of offset error for voltage and current
  • 1% power measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range
  • 2.7V to 5.5V supply operation
    • 1.62V to 5.5V capable I2C/SMBus and digital I/O
    • SMBus 3.1 and I2C Fast Mode Plus, 1 Mbps
    • High-speed mode (3.4 Mbps)
  • SMBus address – 16 options, set with resistor
  • Two independent ALERT/GPIO pins
  • Available in 3 × 3 mm 16-lead VQFN and 2.225 × 2.17 mm 16-lead WLCSP packages


  • Cloud, Linux® and server computing
  • Optical networking modules
  • FPGA systems
  • Industrial applications


Microchip PAC195x Single-Multi-Channel Power Monitor Application Block Diagram

Microchip – PAC195x Single-Multi-Channel Power Monitor Application Block Diagram


Evaluation Board DT100119

For PAC1954 4 CH High Side DC Power Monitor

Microchip – DT100119 Evaluation Board for PAC195x Single-Multi-Channel Power Monitor


  • 4 high side measurement channels with 4mOhm shunts routed with Kelvin connection
  • I2C to USB bridge on board
  • Demo square wave current generator on board
  • Test header to measure the PAC1954 power consumption
  • Test points on all pins of the PAC1954


This board enables easy connection of the PAC1954 to power sources and loads for power monitoring and energy metering using on board 4mOhm high side current sensing resistors. It has USB connection to PC and a GUI to display the data, as well as options to disconnect the PC and communicate directly with a different host controller. Measurement channels 1,2 and 3 are pre-populated to show demo currents and they can be switched to the external input sense resistors by moving two 0 Ohm resistors on each channel.