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An Environmentally Friendly Alternative LED Solution to HPS

Nichia’s high power 1800K LED is the industry’s only true replacement for High Pressure Sodium.

The 219F LED series is an ideal mercury-free HPS alternative in various outdoor fixtures, providing matching color and improved CRI. The spectral content aligns with industry goals of darker skies with less impact on humans and others.

Join the webinar to gain perspectives from lighting industry experts throughout the value chain on the advantages of Nichia’s new 1800K 219F.



Key Takeaways for Attendees:

  1. HPS can truly be replaced by the 1800K 219F
  2. Important factors in Outdoor/Street Lighting
  3. Addressing the market demand for warmer CCTs
  4. Impact of Lighting on the Dark Sky initiative


Moderator – Stuart McDonald, European Business Manager, Future Electronics

Erik Swenson – Vice President, Nichia America

Erik Swenson is a seasoned professional with ~15 years in the Solid State Lighting industry at Nichia. As Vice President for Nichia America Corporation, Erik has helped lead the adoption of Nichia LEDs throughout various markets including General Illumination, UV, Video Display and more. Erik has been an active voice of Nichia within the SSL market, having spoken at several industry and manufacturer’s conferences and trade shows. After receiving a degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, Erik practiced various engineering facets within the Automotive Industry for 6 years prior to joining Nichia in a commercial role.

François Mirand – Technical Director EMEA, Future Lighting Solutions

Coming from the “dark side” of electronics, François Mirand has been active in enabling the first adopters of LED technology in lighting in the early 2000's. He participated in the foundation of Future Lighting Solutions and in the development of its unique solid state lighting expertise, advanced design tools and one stop shop offering of SSL system solutions.

Alan Grant – Design & Development Director, DW Windsor

With extensive industry experience spanning over 38 years, Alan has a unique ability to translate technical complexities, such as the effects of colour temperature and light quality on human physiology. As Design and Development Director at DW Windsor, Alan is responsible for the creation of new products and for bringing new technical innovations to market.

Pete Strasser – Technical Director, International Dark Sky Association

An astral photographer since age five, Pete Strasser has long been interested in the practical and aesthetic effects of light. His degree in Plant Pathology from the University of California, Davis, imparted detailed insight in the composition and effects of different light sources. This knowledge proved invaluable during his work as IDA’s Technical Advisor and then Technical Director from 2006-2011. After a five-year hiatus, Pete returned to his position in 2016 as the IDA Technical Director. In this role, Pete oversees the IDA Fixture Seal of Approval program, which certifies compliant lighting products as “dark sky friendly,” the Community Friendly Outdoor Sports Lighting Program, and educates the public and the lighting industry about smart lighting choices. Pete served on the Illuminating Engineering Society of North American (IESNA) – IDA joint Model Lighting Ordinance task force, for which he received the IESNA President’s Award. Currently, Pete is Liaison Officer for IDA for the International Commission on Illumination Division 4 outdoor lighting committees. Pete’s technical expertise in LED technologies has helped many individuals and institutions promote and implement efficient, appropriate, and effective lighting practices.

Giovanni Vecchio – Head of Sales & Marketing for General Lighting, Nichia Europe

Mr. Giovanni Vecchio has more than 20 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry and has been with Nichia for the last 10 years.



Tuesday, February 8th, 2022
2:00 PM EST

You will hear from:
Erik Swenson

Erik Swenson
Vice President – Nichia America
François Mirand

François Mirand
Technical Director EMEA – Future Lighting Solutions
Alan Grant

Alan Grant
Design & Development Director – DW Windsor
Pete Strasser

Pete Strasser
Technical Director – International Dark Sky Association
Giovanni Vecchio

Giovanni Vecchio
Head of Sales & Marketing for General Lighting – Nichia Europe