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Aavid Complete Thermal Solutions

Mounting Hardware Kits, Thermal Interface Materials, and more

For a complete thermal management solution, Aavid offers several hardware, interface materials and accessories to meet all requirements of your design.

Requirements of a complete thermal solution

A complete thermal solution requires not only the main method of heat transfer like a liquid cold plate or a heat sink, but also additional components for installation and optimal performance. Thermal Accessories include items like hardware to mount the cooling solution and heat sources together, thermally conductive insulation, and thermal interface materials.

Aavid Thermal Management Solutions

Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) come in a variety of forms. The primary feature of TIMs is their high thermal conductivity and ability to remove air pockets that resist and impede heat transfer between surfaces. Many interface materials have the secondary function of electrical isolation, which is important for high voltage applications.

Heat Transfer Fins

Folded fin stacks can be used as heat sink fins or as inserts in complex liquid cold plates. Aavid’s ability to vary the material, configuration, thickness, and density of folded heat transfer fins make us an ideal supplier for folded fin stacks.

Mounting Hardware

Mounting Hardware helps complete thermal management solutions by ensuring the solutions are firmly mounted in an efficient process.

The Max Clip™ system used with their Max Clip Extruded Heat Sinks provide excellent and centralized mounting from semiconductor packages to the heat sink, which reduces thermal resistance and improves thermal performance. Spring clips, like Max Clips, are used in conjunction with extruded and stamped heat sinks to apply pressure into devices and ensure better thermal joints between a heat source and heat sink.

Shurlock Pins and Solder Anchors with Z-Springs help mount heat sinks to PCB assemblies and provide spring force to ensure good thermal contact with heat sources below. Shurlock Pins lock in place when installed in a PCB through hole. Solder Anchors are installed into the board themselves and heat sinks assembled with a Z-spring can mount and be removed repeatedly without harming the board.

Card Ejectors and Card Pullers are designed to assist in the insertion and ejection of PCB board.

Heat Pipes

Beyond standard copper water heat pipes, Aavid’s expertise in two phase solutions enable them to design and produce heat pipes for use at cryogenic temperatures or high temperatures. They also fabricate Isothermal Furnace Liners to help even out temperatures within furnaces to improve quality and consistency in high temperature processes.


Bushings, washers and spacers are used to electrically insulate hardware such as screws, rivets or wires, reduce vibration and can be used as a guide for materials. Heat Shields and Thermal Insulation can help prevent heat transfer towards sensitive components.


Looking for more thermal solutions?

For any product inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to your Future Electronics sales representative or contact us. We are happy to help.