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Eaton Coin Cell Supercapacitors

Optimize cost, lifetime and runtime

Eaton’s coin cell supercapacitors feature ultra-high capacitance energy storage which makes them ideal for reliability and power. With a wide range of applications, they can serve as standalone energy storage or complement batteries to optimize cost, lifetime, and runtime.

All Eaton coin cell supercapacitors offer high energy density in small diameter and low-profile packages. The higher voltage rating of the KR and KW make them ideal for industrial, energy, and computing applications, while the KVR and KVW are suitable for lighter industrial and consumer applications.

These devices utilize electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) construction, combined with proprietary materials and processes.


  • High specific capacitance: Efficient energy storage
  • Low leakage current: Minimal power loss
  • Long cycle life: Designed for extended use
  • Eco-friendly: Environmentally conscious solution


  • Smart/Automated Utility Meters
  • Servers, networking equipment
  • Mobile electronics
  • Battery swap ride through
  • Valve, actuator power
  • System notifications/alarms: audible, LED drivers

Eaton KR supercapacitors are rated at 5.5 volts and offered with capacitance values from 0.1 to 1.5 Farads and an operating temperature range up to 70 degrees Celsius. KW supercapacitors extend the operating temperature to 85 degrees Celsius with capacitance values up to 1 Farad at 5.5 volts. Both offer low leakage current and a typical lifetime of 20 years.

KVR and KVW supercapacitors are similar to the KR and KW families, but with a voltage rating of 5 volts and fewer capacitance values.


Eaton: Coin Cell Supercapacitors