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Building & Home Automation Systems

Building & Home automation systems are designed to provide centralized control of various functions throughout a facility or home. These include security, such as access control and alarm systems, HVAC, lighting, outlets, entertainment systems, and appliances. These complex systems use sensor, protection and control devices to provide safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

Explore the extensive selection of Littelfuse products that can be used in certain Building & Home Automation applications.


MDSM-4R-12-18 Reed Switches

The Littelfuse MDSM-4R-12-18 Reed Switch is a sub-miniature, surface mount, normally open switch with a 15.24mm long x 2.28mm diameter (0.600" x 0.090") glass envelope. Capable of switching 200Vdc at 10W, the MDSM-4R-12-18 is available in a sensitivity range of 12-38 AT. High insulation resistance of 1010 ohms minimum and contact resistance of less than 100 milliohms. Available in axial-leaded version (MDCG-4). Ideally suited for reed relays, security, metering, limit sensing, telecom and office equipment applications.

Littelfuse Reed Switches MDSM-4 Datasheet

MDSR-10 Series Reed Switches

The Littelfuse MDSR-10 Series is a sub-miniature, normally open switch with a 10.16mm long x 1.80mm diameter (0.400" x 0.071") glass envelope. Capable of switching 200Vdc at 10W, the MDSR-10 is available in a sensitivity range of 10-25 AT. High insulation resistance of 1012 ohms minimum and low contact resistance of less than 120 milliohms. Available in surface mount version (MDSM-10). The Littelfuse MDSR-10 is ideally suited for reed relay applications, security, metering, limit sensing and telephone off-hook applications.

Littelfuse Reed Switches MDSR-10 Datasheet

H-36 Series Magnet Actuator

General purpose AlNiCo-5 cylindrical actuator magnet with overall dimensions 4.60mm diameter x 25.40mm length. Recommended for use with the Flange/Flat Pack and Firecracker reed sensor families.

Littelfuse Magnetic Actuators datasheet

P1500MEL CATV Line Amplifier/Power Inserter

This SIDACtor device is a 5000 A solid state protection device offered in a non-isolated TO-218 package. It protects equipment located in the severe surge environment of CATV (Community Antenna TV) systems and antenna locations.

Littelfuse P1500MEL Datasheet

V07E320 UltraMOV Metal Oxide Varistor Series

The UltraMOV Metal Oxide Varistor Series is designed for applications requiring high peak surge current ratings and high energy absorption capability. UltraMOV varistors are primarily intended for use in AC Line Voltage applications such as Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), AC Power Taps, AC Power Meters, or other products that require voltage clamping of high transient surge currents from sources such as lightning, inductive load switching, or capacitor bank switching.

Littelfuse V07E320 Varistors UltraMOV Datasheet


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