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onsemi In-Vehicle Networking (IVN)

With onsemi In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) products, today’s automotive engineers are eliminating the amount of wires needed to connect systems throughout the vehicle. Our onsemi portfolio includes products and solutions that support a broad base of network options, from simple messaging to fail-safe messaging. onsemi’s extensive product families of LIN and CAN products, and their ability to create Systems Basis Chips (SBC) from analog IP, enables them to service a wide variety of connectivity applications in the vehicle.

LIN/CAN In-Vehicle Networking (IVN)

The latest cost-effective standard for basic and efficient communications within light vehicles. The portfolio supports both body and powertrain focused applications, and includes low speed, high speed, and CAN-FD transceivers in a variety of advanced packages.

AEC-Qualified CAN Transceivers

Product Description Package Type
NCV7343 CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power DFNW-14,SOIC-14
NCV7344 CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power DFNW-8,SOIC-8
NCV7340 CAN Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power SOIC-8
NCV7342 CAN Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power DFN-8, SOIC-8
NCV7349 CAN Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power SOIC-8
NCV7351 CAN/CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed SOIC-8
NCV7356 CAN Transceiver, Single Wire SOIC-14, SOIC-8
NCV7357 CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed DFNW-8, SOIC-8
NCV7446 Dual CAN FD Transceiver, High Speed, Low Power DFNW-14


AEC-Qualified LIN Transceivers

Product Description Package Type
NCV7321 LIN Transceiver, Stand-alone DFN-8, SOIC-8
NCV7327 Stand-alone LIN Transceiver DFNW-8,SOIC-8
NCV7329 LIN Transceiver, Stand-alone DFNW-8, SOIC-8
NCV7422 Dual LIN Transceiver DFNW-14
NCV7424 Quad LIN Transceiver TSSOP-16


FlexRay In-Vehicle Networking (IVN)

onsemi’s FlexRay transceivers accomplish the physical interface between the Communication Controller and the Bus medium. Designed for critical powertrain and safety information, it realizes bus communication without data collision.

AEC-Qualified FlexRay Transceivers

Product Description Package Type
NCV7381A/B LIN Transceiver, Clamp 30 SSOP-16
NCV7381C LIN Transceiver, Clamp 30, High Temperature SSOP-16
NCV7383 LIN Transceiver, Clamp 15 TSSOP-14


System Basis Chips (SBC)

A cost effective, high performance, reliable approach to integration of power supply, CAN FD & LIN, diagnosis and supporting features. They also feature various power-saving modes—such as standby, sleep, stop, and other features such as wakeup, and watchdog timer.

AEC-Qualified SBC Transceivers

Product Description Package Type
NCV7451 CAN FD, LDO Regulator and HS Driver DFNW-14
NCV7420 LIN and LDO Regulator (50mA) SOIC-14
NCV7425 LIN and LDO Regulator (150mA) SOIC-16 WB EP
NCV7428 LIN and LDO Regulator (70mA) DFN-8,SOIC-8
NCV7450 CAN FD, LDO Regulator and HS Driver TSSOP-16 EP
NCV7462 CAN, LIN, HS & LS Drivers SSOP-36 EP
NCV7471B High-Speed CAN/CAN FD, Two LINs and a Boost-Buck DC/DC Converter SSOP-36 EP


IVN ESD Protection

As today’s vehicles are becoming more data intensive with the addition of ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) applications amid an already countless number of ECUs (Electronic Control Units), the number of IVN nodes and their data rates continue to significantly increase.

These IVN nodes such as LIN, SENT and the variations of both CAN and Ethernet are driven by single and multi-channel transceivers that fulfil reliability, quality and robustness requirements. To further strengthen the inherent robustness against harsh transients such as ESD and other current surge pulses, these nodes need to be accompanied by standalone ESD Protection devices that are using advanced diode structures.

AEC-Qualified IVN ESD Protection

Product Description Package Type
SZNUP1105 CAN / LIN Bus Protector, Single Line SOT-23
SZNUPH1128 Single Line, +175°C TJ(MAX) LIN Bus Protector SOD-323
SZNUP2128 Dual Line, +175°C TJ(MAX) CAN Bus Protector SOT-323
SZNUP2105 CAN Bus Protector, Dual Line SOT-23
SZNUP2124 24V Dual Line CAN/CAN-FD Bus Protector WDFNW3
SZNUP2125 Dual Line Automotive Bus Protection SOT-323
SESDonCAN1 CAN / CAN-FD Bus Protector SOT-23
SZNUP2115 ESD protection for FlexRay transceiver SOT-23
SZNUP3105 32V Dual Line CAN Bus Protector in SOT-23 SOT-23
SZNUP3125 32V Dual Line CAN Bus Protector in SC-70 (SOT-323) SOT-323
SZNSP8814L Low Capacitance Surge Protection for High Speed Data WDFNW10
SZCM1213A-02SR ESD Protection Array, Low Capacitance, 1, 2 and 4-Channel SOT-143
SZESD1L001 Low Capacitance ESD Protection Diodes for High Speed Data Line SC-88


About onsemi

onsemi is a leading supplier of energy efficient semiconductor-based products. To learn more about their In-Vehicle Networking solutions, one of our dedicated salespeople will be happy to assist you.

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