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onsemi T10 Series of Mid-Voltage Power MOSFETs

High-performance devices suited for various power conversion and motor drive applications

onsemi's T10 Power MOSFETs combine high current-handling capabilities, low on-resistance, and improved switching characteristics combined with advanced packaging technology, to make superior-performing MOSFETs.

T10 MOSFETs offer excellent performance, reliability, and flexibility for power electronics applications, making them a popular choice for engineers designing power conversion and switching systems.


  • Best-in-class on-resistance in a 5mm x 6mm Package (0.42mΩ)
  • Lower total gate charge (Qg)
  • Soften recovery for improvement in voltage spike and EMI issues
  • Higher avalanche current and energy capability for good robustness in extreme conditions


  • BLDC Motor Drive
  • Battery Protection



  • Power, Single N-Channel, STD Gate, SO8-FL
  • 40 V, 0.7 m, 323 A


  • Power, Single N-Channel, STD Gate, SO8-FL
  • 40 V, 0.52 m, 414 A


  • Power, Single N-Channel, STD Gate, SO8-FL
  • 40 V, 0.42 m, 509 A


  • Power, Single N-Channel, Logic Level, SO-8FL
  • 40 V, 0.49 m, 455 A


  • Power, Dual, N-Channel, Power Clip, POWERTRENCH, Asymmetric
  • 25 V