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Infineon’s XMC4700 family of microcontrollers based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor core features high-performance digital-signal processing and floating-point unit capabilities. The XMC4700 MCUs also offer a wide selection of high-speed communication interfaces suitable for the complex, networked environment in which today’s industrial equipment operates.

The core in the XMC4700 runs at a fast 144MHz, giving designers the freedom to run complex software applications in real time, as well as to handle data transfers at high speed. In addition to an Ethernet media access controller and USB interface, the XMC4700 devices feature six CAN nodes, providing robust multi-channel communication even in noisy industrial environments.

The XMC4700 parts are particularly well suited to use in motor control, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and power-supply applications.

Motor control

For toys and power tools, pumps and industrial automation systems, Infineon’s XMC™ microcontrollers enable designers to create the most innovative, efficient, reliable and energy-friendly motor-control and drive systems. An XMC4700 MCU is an ideal controller for various types of motors, such as permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless DC motors, AC induction motors, servomotors and brushed DC motors.

EV charging

Off-board charging, when users charge plug-in hybrids and pure EVs in their garage or an open parking lot, demands an MCU which can switch at high frequency to stay efficient and cost competitive. The XMC4700 portfolio is a great fit for the application as it integrates all the features needed for off-board charging, including:

  • Platform concept to allow extensive customization
  • Performance, efficiency and cost competitiveness
  • Accurate analog and mixed-signal peripherals
  • Fast timers and PWM peripherals

Switch-mode power supplies

Power-supply designs are subject to ever-increasing requirements. Some are fueled by customer demands; others by industry guidelines or regulations affecting power density, communication, modularity or efficiency.

Semiconductor technology advances have enabled MCU manufacturers to develop a new class of products optimized for digital power-conversion applications, providing the right mix of features at the right price point. The XMC4700 devices are particularly well suited to new digital power designs because of their digital-signal processing and floating-point unit capabilities, advanced timers and high-speed processor core.


Infineon’s XMC4700 Relax Kit



Product Orderable Part Number Package Flash Program Memory Digital I/O Pins Additional Interfaces
XMC4700-E196K2048 AA XMC4700E196K2048AAXQMA1 PG-LFBGA-196 2,048kbytes 155 USB, SD/MMC, 10/100Mbits/s Ethernet with IEEE1588 time stamping
XMC4700-F100K2048 AA XMC4700F100K2048AAXQMA1 PG-LQFP-100 2,048kbytes 75 USB, SD/MMC, 10/100Mbits/s Ethernet with IEEE1588 time stamping
XMC4700-F144K2048 AA XMC4700F144K2048AAXQMA1 PG-LQFP-144 2,048kbytes 119 USB, SD/MMC, 10/100Mbits/s Ethernet with IEEE1588 time stamping


  • Quad SPI, SCI/UART, I²C, I²S and LIN interfaces
  • Two PWM timers
  • Four delta-sigma demodulators
  • External memory interface
  • Safety package supporting SIL-2/3
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Automation systems
  • Commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles
  • Industrial equipment
  • Motor controls and drives
  • Power supplies
  • Solar energy systems
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