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Infineon LITIX™ Basic+ LED drivers serve as perfect extension to the existing LITIX™ Basic family. LITIX™ Basic+ linear constant current sources with their 1 to 3 inputs/outputs build a scalable family to reduce system costs (e.g. less external components needed, introduction of power shift feature).

Output currents from 5 mA up to 360 mA (with power shift) can be served with LITIX™ Basic+. The family also has optimized diagnosis features as well as an improved output current accuracy. Several selectable fault management modes offer high design-in flexibility. LITIX™ Basic+ offers the most flexible Single LED Short (SLS) feature in the market: the device can either go to a latched off-state, active retry or simply diagnosis without channel deactivation.

Last but not least, LITIX™ Basic+ supports design flexibility by footprint compatibility – if you know one device, you know the whole family.