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The Layerscape LS1028A industrial applications processor includes a TSN-enabled Ethernet switch and Ethernet controllers to support converged IT and OT networks. Two powerful 64-bit Arm®v8 cores support real-time processing for industrial control, as well as virtual machines for edge computing in the IoT. The integrated GPU and LCD controller enable Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems with next-generation interfaces. Integrated Trust Architecture with cryptographic offload provides a trusted platform with encrypted communications for secure applications and services.


  • Dual Armv8 Processors for Industrial Applications
  • 4 port Time-Sensitive Networking enabled switch
  • 2 Time-Sensitive Networking-capable Ethernet controllers
  • GPU and LCD Controller
  • Configurable cryptographic offload engines
  • Integrated trust architecture
  • PCI Express
  • CAN Bus


Key Elements
  • Dual 64-bit Arn v8 processors for real-time processing
  • Full virtualization support for IoT edge computing
  • TSN-enabled switch for industrial TSN bridge applications
  • TSN-enabled Ethernet controllers for TSN endpoint applications
  • Support Human Machine Interface applications with integrated GPU and LCD controller
  • Trust architecture provides root of trust as a basis for trusted applications and services
  • The LS1028A will be a part of the NXP 15-year product longevity program
Motion Control with TSN Using NXP's LS1028A industrial applications processor


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Time-Sensitive Networking with the Layerscape LS1028A


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