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Aavid Thermalloy has the world’s largest breadth of available thermal solutions, technologies and services that can be used or adapted for any application in any industry.

Our products are built to your requirements and allow you to surpass your competition in power, speed and performance. Our design engineers understand that Aavid products must integrate well with each other as well as your design objectives.

Why Aavid?

  • Local Service, Global Support – Distribution, Design Centers and Manufacturing Plants are located around the world
  • Largest catalog of standard and customizable solutions for all applications
  • Innovative Design and Engineering Services in dedicated Design Centers available to solve unique issues or develop custom designs and provide full System Integration
  • World Class Manufacturing facilities that continue to grow in capabilities, technology and efficiency
  • Global Logistics Support and Development
  • Superior Quality Systems Management
  • Long time track record of reliable, durable, cost-effective solutions