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More Information on RS-485...

What is RS-485?

In telecommunications, RS-485, EIA-485 or TIA/EIA-485 is the name of the standard for defining the electrical characteristics of receivers and drivers for use in balanced digital multipoint systems. It is a telecommunication standard for binary serial communications connecting devices. It is the protocol or specification set that needs to be followed in order to allow devices that implement the standard to communicate with each other.

Digital communications networks using the RS485 standard can be used over long distances and in electrically noisy environments. Multiple receivers can be connected to such a network in a linear, multi-drop configuration. This makes these networks useful in industrial environments. The RS 485 protocol is an updated version of the original RS 232 serial protocol. The difference is that the RS-232 standard allowed for connecting two devices through a serial link, whereas the RS-485 standard allows for serial connections among more than two devices on a networked system.

Types of RS 485 chips

There are many different kinds of RS-485 chips. At Future Electronics, we stock many of the most common types categorized by data rate, supply voltage, packaging type, operating temperature range and ESD voltage. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the specifications required.

The most common sizes for Data rate are 250 kbps, 500 kbps, 2.5 Mbps, 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps. We also carry RS485 chips with data rate sizes up to 52 Mbps. Operating temperature can range from -55 oC to 125 oC.

RS 485 chips from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full selection of RS-485 chips from several manufacturers suitable for programming, including to be used as an RS485 converter, RS 485 to USB, cable, adapter, modbus, RS 485 to Ethernet, port, connector, termination, transceiver, wireless RS485 device or an RS 485 repeater. Simply choose from the RS-485 technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed to match your specific RS 485 or RS 485 / 422 application needs.

If you have a preferred brand, we deal with several manufacturers such as Maxim, Maxlinear, Renesas, STMicroelectronics and Microchip. You can easily refine your RS 485 product search results by clicking your preferred RS485 brand below from our list of manufacturers.

Applications for RS485 chips:

RS-485 signals can be found in a wide range of computer and automation systems. In computer systems, SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 may use the RS 485 specification in order to implement the physical layer for data transmission between a controller and disk drive. EIA-485 is also used for low-speed data communications in commercial aircraft cabins as it requires minimal wiring and can share the same wiring between several seats. In theatre, RS-485 networks are used to control lighting. In surveillance, it is used to control the tilt of cameras or to interconnect security control panels and devices such as access control card readers. RS485 can also be used in programming logic controllers and on factory floors.

Choosing the right RS-485 chip:

When you are looking for the right RS 485 chip or RS 485 / 422 chip, with the FutureElectronics.com parametric search, you can filter the results by various attributes: by Data Rate (64 kbps, 250 kbps, 2.5 Mbps, 10 Mbps, …), Operating temperature range (-55 oC to 125 oC), Supply Voltage (up to 5 V) and ESD Voltage (up to 15 kV) to name a few. You will be able to find the right chip for programming your system including for an RS485 converter, RS 485 to USB, RS 485 to Ethernet, cable, adapter, modbus, port, connector, termination, transceiver, RS 485 repeater or a wireless RS485 device.

RS 485 and RS 485 / 422 chips in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of RS-485 and RS-485 / 422 chips required by your company is less than a full reel, we offer customers many of our RS485 and RS485/422 products in tube, tray or individual quantities that will avoid unneeded surplus.

In addition, Future Electronics offers clients a unique bonded inventory program that is designed to eliminate potential problems that may arise from an unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and products with erratic or long lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.