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Future Electronics — Electronic Components for Automation Solutions


Electronic Components for Automation Solutions

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Cutting Edge Technology Solutions for Automation Applications

ams Demo Kit AS7265x for Spectral Sensing

AMS Spectral Sensing: Unleash Knowledge Through Light

  • Chip-scale spectral sensing solution for wide array of applications
  • Ability for color picking/matching, authentication, and analysis of materials and fluids
  • Fully integrated for lifetime calibration accuracy and enables instrument makers to bring laboratory-grade precision to the field


STMicroelectronics Time of Flight (ToF) Sensors

  • Proximity and Ranging sensors, based on FlightSense™ Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology
  • Directly measure distance using reflected photons for accurate distance ranging
  • “All-in-one” miniature module containing laser light receiver for unrivaled ranging speed and reliability
STMicroelectronics Multi-Targets Ranging Sensor Nucleo Pack Based on VL53L3CX for STM32 Nucleo


LIFCL-VIP-SI-EVN CrossLink-NX VIP Sensor Input Board

Lattice Crosslink NX – Image Sensor Solutions for Automation

  • Low-power, high performance solution to connect image sensors to processors
  • Image pre-processing to free up the main processor
  • Expands sensor inputs to the processor and bridge, duplicate, and split signals


STMicroelectronics Motor Control Solutions

A complete ecosystem to support design-in and shorten time-to-market
  • STSPIN motor driver ICs simplify brushed DC, stepper and brushless motor control designs and improve efficiency in a variety of applications
  • Reference designs with STM32 32-bit microcontroller offer flexible and affordable development environment for fast prototyping and design
STMicroelectronics Motor Control Solutions for Automation Industry


Technology Based Product Marketing Teams<

Technology Based Product Marketing Teams

Organized by technology to offer in-depth knowledge of pricing and availability trends

Comprehensive Design Support

Comprehensive Design Support

Factory certified Advanced Engineers specialized in driving NPI in emerging market segments and applications

Unique Customer Programs

Unique Customer Programs

Flexible financial programs and solutions including customized 

API solutions

Leading Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

Leading Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

99.5% On-Time Delivery to commit date with one of the largest available-to-sell inventories in the industry