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I-PEX CABLINE® Family of Micro-Coaxial Connectors

Consists of CABLINE®-CA, CA II, VS, VS II, UM, UY and others

The I-PEX CABLINE® family of micro-coaxial connectors support signal & power delivery and have the option of providing 360-degree EMC shielding (ZenShield®). The cables can be bundled to make it easy to route them through narrow spaces and hinges. The CABLINE® family is capable of handling high data rates such as USB4, Thunderbolt 3, eDP HBR3, PCIe Gen 3/4 and more.

With the number of applications that include high resolution cameras and panels on the rise, along with higher signal transfer speeds, CABLINE® micro-coaxial cables combine high-speed signal characteristics and mechanical advantages which make them a preferred solution.

These connectors are ideal for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices and other applications.

  • Return Loss Reduction:
    • The center conductor, dielectric and outer conductor in micro-coaxial cables are suitable for matching and are stabilized at specific impedance.
    • Matched and stabilized impedance creates a low return loss.
  • Insertion Loss Reduction:
    • A micro-coaxial cable can secure a larger cross-sectional area of the center conductor compared to FPC/FFC when matching to specific impedance, which minimizes the reduction of insertion loss.
  • High Shielding Performance:
    • The outer conductor works as an electromagnetic shield so the electrical signal transmitted on the center conductor is less susceptible to electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic noise) from the outside.
    • The shielding effect of the outer conductor also helps to reduce crosstalk between signal lines.
  • Higher degree of flexibility compared to shielded FPC / FFC
    • Micro-coaxial connectors help stabilize the electrical characteristics even if it is bent.
  • No electrical noise from connector to possible Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Protects the transmission signal from possible Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS)
  • Various connection options:
    • CABLINE®-VS II Receptacle with CABLINE®-VS II Plug & Micro-coaxial wire
    • CABLINE®-VS II Receptacle with CABLINE®-VS IIF Plug & Shielded FPC
    • CABLINE®-VS Receptacle with CABLINE®-VS II Plug & Micro-coaxial wire
    • CABLINE®-VS II Receptacle with CABLINE®-VSF Plug & Shielded or non-shielded FPC
    • EVAFLEX® 5-VS with EVAFLEX® 5-VS Shielded/non-shielded FPC/FFC
  • Contact pitch options:
    • 0.5 mm pitch
    • 0.4 mm pitch
    • 0.3 mm pitch
    • 0.25 mm pitch
  • EMC Shielding, mechanical lock options
    • EMC Shielding (ZenShield™)
    • Mechanical lock
  • Mating Type Options
    • Horizontal mating
    • Vertical mating


CABLINE®-VS II Micro-Coaxial Connector