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PCIe® Testing Made Easy with the Mahogany Evaluation Kit

Enable testing of the Microchip Switchtec PFX Gen4 PCIe® Switch in low-lane configurations

The Mahogany PCIe® Switch Evaluation Kit was designed by Unigen in close collaboration with Microchip to ensure customers receive a high-performance, robust platform to conduct testing and validation of the Microchip Switchtec PFX PM40052 Gen4 PCIe Switch for low-lane count applications.

How does the Mahogany PCIe Switch Evaluation Kit work?

The Mahogany evaluation kit can be installed in a PCIe host slot to enable connections to up to 9 Gen4 x4 endpoint devices, such as NVMe SSDs. The Switchtec PFX Gen4 PCIe switches are configurable and managed through external interfaces, utilizing an embedded processor running turnkey firmware stored in flash memory.

The kit contains an evaluation board, cables, turnkey firmware, and ChipLink Diagnostic Tools software. ChipLink is a convenient and easy-to-use Windows/Mac/Linux-based GUI that provides access to all hardware functions and status information.

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The PCIe Switch Evaluation Kit includes:

  • Evaluation Board
  • Mounting Bracket
  • (9) MCIO to U.2 Cables
  • Standoffs & Screws
  • User Guide

Future Electronics PCIe Switch Testing and Evaluation Kit 'Mahogany'

Mahogany Evaluation Kit Features

  • Switchtec PFX PM40052 52-lane Gen4 PCIe Switch
  • Supports nine (9) Gen4 x4 Endpoint Devices
  • Designed and produced in collaboration with Microchip
  • Firmware ready to go and loaded for immediate testing and evaluation
  • Fully compatible with Microchip’s ChipLink Diagnostic Tools

Mahogany Evaluation Kit Block Diagram

Microchip Switchtec PFX Gen4 PCIe Switch PM40052 Block Diagram

Ordering Information

The Mahogany PCIe Switch Evaluation Kit is available exclusively through Future Electronics under the part number UPSAB09A3F1I-UGN .

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