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Amphenol Communications Solutions


Free Webinar: Amphenol Communications Solutions Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Save Significant Board Space and Address Design Challenges with Ethernet Connectors Geared to Take Your Designs to the Next Level

Spend more time getting your product to market, rather than focusing on ways to save space. Amphenol Communications Solutions Industrial Ethernet Solutions include connectors 25% smaller than comparable options, so you focus on getting your product to market without any worry of saving space on the PCB.

Featured Products:

  • The iX Industrial™ IP20 Connectors

The ix Industrial series of ethernet connectors feature 10mm connector pitch, a robust 2-point metal latching, 360-degree shielding for EMI immunity, poised to meet the needs of new higher density Industrial Ethernet communication designs.

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  • RJ45 Series Ethernet Connectors

Known for its small form factor, the RJ45 series allows you to save valuable space on a PCB and panel, which opens the door to much greater port density as well as reduced height requirements for constrained applications. 

  • SPE Connectors

SPE eliminates slow expensive and complex fieldbus protocols and connections by simplifying and standardizing existing and new industrial network systems.

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Addressing Component Challenges for Industrial Ethernet Applications

  • Automation: As the level of automation increases, so does efficiency and productivity. Smart Factories are using more connected devices requiring low latency, real time communication, standardized interfaces and protocols, and efficient power management.
  • Network Complexity: As the number of smart devices increases, so does the network complexity. Ultimately, reduced power demand and simplified power delivery is needed.
  • General technology enhancements: The capabilities of sensors, actuators, displays, control interfaces and many other devices are being increased by device manufacturers. 

Amphenol’s Industrial Ethernet product portfolio address all these challenges with robust interconnect technology supporting greater standardization, density and power handling for PoE and PoDL powered intelligent devices. This enables their solutions to facilitate Smart Factory networking from the cloud to the factory floor.


Tuesday November 16th, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

You will hear from:

Greg MacDonald
Distribution Manager, Amphenol Communications Solutions – Commercial/Industrial BU


In MacDonald's 20+ years of experience in the electronics component and interconnect industry, he couples his main responsibility of growing revenue in the distribution channel with bringing increased awareness to the very diverse product portfolio, effectively building and fostering relationships with Amphenol Communications Solutions' distributor partners, as well as unifying sales and engineering teams from around the world to find opportunities and solutions.