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Abracon Antennas - High Performance, Low Profile

Connected automotive communications, such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X), derive intelligent decisions in dynamic driving environments. These applications necessitate implementing wireless connectivity that utilizes several protocols operating in conjunction.

Abracon offers internal and external antennas for automotive applications requiring a wide operating temperature range and durability. Featuring high-performing antennas and filters for Cellular, GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, LPWA, Satellite Communications, Combinational applications, Abracon’s antenna collection includes compact chip, high-gain patch, low-profile flexible PCB, and various external antenna types.

AEC-Q200 & High-Precision GNSS Antennas

Abracon’s comprehensive external GNSS antenna selection features low-profile puck and dome solutions that guarantee excellent axial ratio and improved positioning accuracy. They come in different mounts, including adhesive, magnetic and screw types, with IP67-rated waterproof housing for rugged application environments.

The new range of L1/L2/L5 stacked patch and active external antennas are ideal for applications requiring optimal accuracy, precision positioning and covert installations. The AEC-Q200 compliant antennas are built on IATF 16949 production lines and demonstrate superior electrical performance while meeting the extreme reliability requirements and cost needs of the most challenging applications and markets.

Cellular Antennas

Abracon’s external cellular antenna selections feature solutions equipped with IP67-rated waterproof housing for external environments as well as MIMO capability for increased QoS in high data-rate applications. The 5G Sub-6GHz antenna portfolio covers the wide range of global cellular technology bands (600MHz - 6GHz), with both embedded internal and external antennas, as well as combination antennas covering GNSS, WiFi and other protocols. These high-performing chip, flexible printed and external blade and dome antennas can handle the higher data speed, capacity, and bandwidth of a 5G network, covering 5G NR (FR1), CBRS, and Private LTE, for IoT and smart devices.


Abracon Design Contest

Show us what you can do to design in GNSS antennas from Abracon, and have a chance to WIN!


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