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Melexis Hall-Effect Switch ICs

See the collection of high accuracy devices effectively utilizing the Hall effect

Melexis features a comprehensive selection of Hall Effect Switch ICs which are versatile devices that enable accurate and reliable measurement in various applications. With their compact size, low power consumption, and robust performance, they have become a popular choice for engineers seeking reliable sensing solutions.


The MLX92232 is the first end-of-line programmable sensor IC in a family of high accuracy devices each integrating a Hall sensor element with advanced offset cancellation mechanism, a voltage regulator and an open-drain output driver combined with EEPROM memory in an industry standard 3-pin SIP and TSOT23 packages.

Key Features

  • Wide magnetic latch range: ±0.4mT to ±80mT
  • Wide magnetic switch range: ±1.5mT to ±66mT
  • Programmable hysteresis: 1mT to 36mT


The micropower feature makes the MLX90248 especially suitable for battery-powered devices as it combines low voltage operation and low current consumption. By using a sleep/awake strategy managed internally, the power consumption is drastically reduced. To make a comparison, the MLX90248 consumes 100 times less power than the generic low voltage US3881.

Key Features

  • Micropower consumption ideal for battery-powered applications: 5uA@3V; 3uA@1.5V
  • 8kV ESD protection
  • Omnipolar, easy to use as output switches with North and South pole active


The MLX92292 represents a new way of sensing. This IC delivers switch and latch functions, but unlike existing products on the market it can determine the presence of magnetic fields that are lateral, not just orthogonal, to it.

Key Features

  • Wide operating voltage range from 3.3 V to 18 V
  • Less than 10μA average supply current in micropower mode
  • Flexible magnetic thresholds and temperature coefficient


The MLX92214 is a 3-wire latch designed for DC/BLDC motors, specially adapted to power tools, PCs, servers and home appliance applications.

Key Features

  • Cost-sensitive solution for motor control
  • Hall elements replacement
  • Low power latch 2.1 mA


The MLX92215 is the second generation Hall-effect latch IC designed in mixed signal CMOS technology for industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Key Features

  • Wide operating voltage range from 2.7 V to 24 V
  • Very high magnetic sensitivity: +/-3mT typical
  • Chopper-stabilized amplifier stage