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Our joint commitment with ON Semiconductor to source the world’s inventory of medical ventilators.


Due to the rapid increases in the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations, it has created an unprecedented strain on the world’s inventory of medical ventilators. ON Semiconductor and their operations have also been deemed as essential and a critical infrastructure by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Since our partner ON Semiconductor is a supplier of semiconductor components - a critical part of the supply chain for medical device manufacturers - regulators, Bluetooth® components, amplifiers and other parts are used in a variety of medical devices, including ventilators. This helps COVID-19 patients with severe breathing cases.


What do medical ventilators do?

Medical ventilators move air in and out of the lungs in cases where patients are not physically able to breathe on their own and applications or use cases can be quite broad. Often, the machine forces humidified and warmed air with supplemental oxygen into the lungs.


Medical ventilator applications

This equipment can be found in intensive care units, emergency rooms, ambulatory and even in homes.

In response to COVID-19, ON Semiconductor has developed a relevant addition to its Block Diagram of the Month series – Medical Ventilator. This diagram looks at the various systems used in medical ventilators and provides a targeted list of relevant ON Semiconductor devices and provides an overall understanding of the solution.

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