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Are you upgrading your retail space? Need some ‘pop’ in your hotel or restaurant? Or improved lighting in the industrial facility?

You name it. The Fortimo InstantFit LV1 series of LED modules by Signify features easy replaceability – Just snap it into the connector on the fixture. This ensures that its LED troffer will never have to be scrapped. The module comes in three performance levels for both 2-feet and 4-feet lengths, offering you peace of mind in fixture configurations. The Fortimo InstantFit LV1 series is reliable and energy efficient to fit the needs of your LED lighting projects.

  • High energy efficiency of up to 170lm/W at nominal conditions
  • Available in three performance levels for both 2-feet and 4-feet lengths
  • Rigid module provides an easy assembly and excellent thermal performance
  • 3 SDCM color consistency for LED light projects
  • Field replaceable modules according to Zhaga Book 21 enabling late stage configuration and peace of mind
  • Quick assembly without screws
  • High energy efficiency and long product lifespan
  • 5-year limited system warranty with Advance Xitanium LED drivers

WATCH: Signify - Fortimo InstantFit Modules