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320 x 240 Resolution 160 kB SRAM 64K Colors TFT Display Controller - PFBGA-121

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Nom du fabricant: Epson Electronics America
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Epson Electronics America S1D13A04B00B200 - Caractéristiques techniques
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Style d'emballage :  PFBGA-121
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
Fonctionnalités et applications

The S1D13A04 is an LCD/USB solution designed for seamless connection to a wide variety of microprocessors. The S1D13A04 integrates a USB slave controller and an LCD graphics controller with an embedded 160K byte SRAM display buffer. The LCD controller, based on the popular S1D13706, supports all standard panel types including the Sharp HR-TFT family of products. In addition to the S1D13706 feature set, the S1D13A04 includes a Hardware Acceleration Engine to greatly improve screen drawing functions. The USB controller provides revision 1.1 compliance for applications requiring a USB client.This high level of integration provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets requiring USB client support, such as Mobile Communications devices and Palm-size PCs.

The S1D13A04 utilizes a guaranteed low-latency CPU architecture that provides support for microprocessors without READY/WAIT# handshaking signals. The 32-bit internal data path, write buffer and the Hardware Acceleration Engine provide high performance bandwidth into display memory allowing for fast display updates. ‘Direct’ support for the Sharp HR-TFT removes the requirement of an external Timing Control IC.


  • Embedded 160KB Display Buffer
  • Low Operating Voltage
  • Low-latency CPU interface
  • Direct support for multiple CPU types
  • Programmable resolutions and color depths
  • Passive LCD support
  • Active Matrix LCD support
  • ‘Direct’ Sharp HR-TFT support
  • USB Client, Revision 1.1 compliant
  • SwivelViewTM (90°, 180°, 270° hardware rotation of displayed image)
  • “Picture-in-Picture Plus”
  • Pixel Doubling
  • Hardware Acceleration Engine
  • Software Initiated Power Save Mode
  • Software Video Invert
  • 121-pin PFBGA or TQFP15 128-pin package

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