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Microchip TA101 Secure Authentication IC

Part of the CryptoAutomotive™ and CryptoAuthentication product lines

The Microchip TA101 (Trust Anchor) is a secure authentication IC from their portfolio of CryptoAutomotive™ and CryptoAuthentication security ICs for automotive and industrial security applications.

The TA101 provides support for:

  • Secure boot, message authentication via MAC generation
  • Trusted firmware updates
  • Qi 1.3 wireless charging authentication
  • Multiple key management for user access privileges, and
  • Network authentication such as TLS and other root-of-trust based operations

It is a companion device to any microcontroller (MCU) or microprocessor (MPU) on the same board.

Microchip’s TA101 integrates multiple asymmetric, symmetric, and hashing security protocols supporting an ultra-secure method for key agreement, sign-verify authentication for automotive in-vehicle networking applications. It enhances the cryptographic security strength from 128bits to 256 bits.

Similar to all their CryptoAutomotive™ security ICs, the new TA101 employs ultra-secure hardware-based cryptographic key storage and cryptographic countermeasures to eliminate potential backdoors linked to software weaknesses.

The device is agnostic of any microprocessor (MPU) or microcontroller (MCU) and compatible with their AVR® or ARM® processor based MCUs and MPUs.


  • up to RSA 4k
  • up to ECC521
  • up to SHA512
  • AES128 and AES256
  • Ed25519 support
  • Interface I2C and SPI
  • Packages: SOIC8 and vQFN24