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Architectural Lighting Solutions for the Perfect Effect

We work closely with architects and lighting designers to engineer unparalleled LED solutions that deliver functionality and pure aesthetics. Fixture and luminaire designers require a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for indoor and outdoor architectural lighting to create stunning lighting effects for a variety of venues. Lumileds understands lighting’s performance needs and the driving force behind the desire for lighting fixtures with integrated wireless lighting controls and other Internet of Things (IoT) based functionality.

Products – Top picks from our Portfolio that Add the Best Value:


Lumileds – LUXEON C Color Line LUXEON C Color Line
With an advanced portfolio of color and white LEDs, this innovative line is designed for flawless color mixing. By featuring a single focal length for all colors, LUXEON C Color Line provides consistent radiation patterns from secondary optics and maximizes optical efficiency. Along with a low dome design that keeps the effective light source small while improving light extraction, these LEDs are optimal for the most demanding architectural applications.


Lumileds – LUXEON CZ Color Line LUXEON CZ Color Line
Delivering up to 48% higher “punch” and available in 21 color options, these high performance solutions eliminate crosstalk and ensure a true color point when LEDs are closely packed. Created with the same robust building blocks as the award-winning LUXEON C Color Line, these powerful products feature identical focal length in an undomed design.



Lumileds – LUXEON 2835 Color Line LUXEON 2835 Color Line
LUXEON 2835 Color Line is a complete color portfolio offering design flexibility for the dynamic needs of architectural applications.



Lumileds – LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W
The LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W is a compact 3-in-1 package that offers flexibility and versatility. With the ability to control individually or all at the same time the color control is precise.



What Makes Lumileds Solution Better and Different?
  • Tight beam control, producing a smoother image or allowing for perfect color mixing
  • Industry’s broadest color gamut offering ensuring any color point can be achieved in customer’s designs
  • Industry leading performance in output, punch and quality of light
  • World-class, in-house phosphor capabilities delivering vivid colors and superb color matching for perfectly consistent scenes and effects


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LUXEON C Color Line
LUXEON CZ Color Line
LUXEON 2835 Color Line


LUXEON MultiColor Module 0.5W