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Microchip dsPIC33CK Family of DSCs

Real-time performance for motor control, digital power, safety-critical and high-performance embedded applications

Microchip’s dsPIC33CK family of digital signal controllers (DSCs) features a single 100 MHz dsPIC® DSC core with integrated DSP and enhanced on-chip peripherals for advanced sensing and control, robust general embedded, motor control, digital power and high-performance embedded applications.

The DSCs feature advanced analog for advanced sensor interfacing designs. Offering real-time deterministic performance, the DSCs enable high-performance control applications. These DSCs enable the design of high-performance, precision motor control systems that are more energy efficient, quieter in operation and provide extended motor life. They can be used to control BLDC, PMSM, ACIM, SR and stepper motors.

This DSC family is also ideal for switched mode power supplies such as AC/DC, DC/DC, UPS and PFC, providing high-precision digital control of Buck, Boost, Fly-Back, Half-Bridge, Full-Bridge, LLC and other power circuits to reach the highest possible energy efficiency. These devices are also ideal for high-performance general-purpose and robust applications.

Developed following ISO 26262 process, the dsPIC33CK family is ISO26262 compliant. The dsPIC33CK product family has many hardware features that help simplify functional safety certifications for ASIL-B and SIL-2 focused automotive and industrial safety-critical applications. The family offers ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 Functional Safety packages containing FMEDA report, safety manual, diagnostic libraries and more.

Benefits of Designing with dsPIC33CK DSCs

  • Precision control of multiple sensorless, brushless motors, running field-oriented control algorithms and power factor correction
  • Implement highly-adaptive algorithms for digital power conversion applications
  • Enables sophisticated real-time filtering to improve sensors’ responsiveness
  • Eases Functional Safety compliance
  • CAN-FD option to support automotive communication
  • Live update of firmware for high-availability systems
  • Scalable solutions with memory ranging from 32 KB to 256 KB and flexible feature set to meet the specific requirements of your application
  • Maximum peripheral integration in ultra-small packages which lowers BoM costs and enables smaller form factor designs


dsPIC33CK Application Areas

With high integration of specialized peripherals, the dsPIC33CK family is ideal for motor control, digital power conversion, safety-critical and high-performance embedded applications across industrial, medical, automotive and consumer markets.

Features and Benefits

dsPIC33CK features two dsPIC33 cores per device:

  • Increases overall performance​
  • Optimize control loop responsiveness​
  • Enables software partitioning​
  • Familiar programming model​
  • See Product Flyer for more details

Focus Applications/Markets

  • Digital Power
  • Motor Control
  • High Performance Embedded

End Equipment Examples

Digital Power

  • Industrial: AC/DC & DC/DC power supplies
  • Automotive: converters, chargers, inverters
  • Consumer: wireless power

Motor Control

  • Automotive: pumps, fans
  • Industrial: drones, robotics, tools
  • Consumer: appliances, toys


High Performance Embedded

  • Automotive: electronic sensors
  • Industrial: automation and control
  • Medical: diagnostic equipment, monitors
  • IoT: gateways and central processors